Recent Publications

Sherif C, Herbich E, Plasenzotti R, Bergmeister H, Windberger U, Mach G, Sommer G, Holzapfel GA, Haider T, Krssak M, Kleinpeter G

Very large and giant microsurgical bifurcation aneurysms in rabbits: Proof of feasibility and comparability using computational fluid dynamics and biomechanical testing

J Neurosci Methods. 268 (2016 Aug);p. 7-13.

Haider T, Plasenzotti R, Bergmeister H, Mach G, Kleinpeter G, Aguilar-Perez M, Sherif C

New mechanical thrombectomy model in the rabbit: A feasibility study

J Neurosci Methods. 271 (2016 Sep);p. 139-142.