Recent Publications

Sherif C, Kleinpeter G, Mach G, Loyoddin M, Haider T, Plasenzotti R, Bergmeister H, Di Ieva A, Gibson D, Krssak M

Evaluation of cerebral aneurysm wall thickness in experimental aneurysms: comparison of 3T-MR imaging with direct microscopic measurements

Acta Neurochir 156(1) (2014 Jan); p. 27-34.

Sherif C, Kleinpeter G, Loyoddin M, Mach G, Plasenzotti R, Haider T, Herbich E, Krssak M

Aneurysm Wall Thickness Measurements of Experimental Aneurysms: In Vivo High-Field MR Imaging Versus Direct Microscopy

Acta Neurochir 120 (suppl. 2015); p. 17-20.

Sherif C, Wambacher B, Loyoddin M, Karaic R, Krafft P, Valentin A, Tscholakoff D, Kleinpeter G

Repeated combined endovascular therapy with milrinone and nimodipine for the treatment of severe vasospasm: preliminary results

Acta Neurochir 120 (suppl. 2015); p. 203-207.

Windberger U, Spurny K, Graf A, Thomae H

Hemorheology in experimental research: is it necessary to consider blood fluidity differences in the laboratory rat?

Lab Anim. 49(2) (2015 Apr);p. 142-52.

Haider T, Höftberger R, Rüger B, Mildner M, Blumer R, Mitterbauer A, Buchacher T, Sherif C, Altmann P, Redl H, Gabriel C, Gyöngyösi M, Fischer MB, Lubec G, Ankersmit HJ

The secretome of apoptotic human peripheral blood mononuclear cells attenuates secondary damage following spinal cord injury in rats

Exp Neurol. 256 (2015 May); p. 230-242.

Millesi M, Wang WT, Herta J, Bavinzski G, Knosp E, Gruber A

De Novo Aneurysm Formation at the Anastomosis Site Incidentally Detected 2 Years after Single-Barrel STA-MCA Bypass Surgery: Case Report and Review of the Literature

J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg 76(4) (2015 Jul); p. 323-327.

Al-Schameri AR, Baltsavias G, Winkler P, Lunzer M, Kral M, Machegger L, Weymayr F, Emich S, Sherif C, Richling B

Computerized Angiographic Occlusion Rating for Ruptured Clipped Aneurysms is Superior to Subjective Occlusion Rating

AJNR 36(9) (2015 Sep); p. 1704-1709